• creativity is the fruit of coffee and coffee is not a fruit; this much we know
  • We slave over our work, literally. Just ask our wives.
  • We manipulate pixels
  • we area coalition of creative minds
  • we live todesign and developfor the world's stage
  • a collective is effective— oof, that's painful
Operating from Orange County, California, we work with clients and other studios to make something tangible out of feelings and marketing objectives. Our core service is the creation of websites, with over 16 years of experience delivering Web solutions on campaigns large and small for some of the world's biggest brand names; such as Google, Nintendo, EA Games, Ford Motors, Skywalker Properties, Lexus, T-Mobile, Activision, Bosch, Disney, Fox, Dakine, Playstation, Motorola, LucasArts...

While Eccentric Pixel was officially founded in January of 2011, the core team members have been working together for the last 13+ years. We approach projects with the coalition/consortium business model and assemble freelance artists and/or developers to meet the demands of the project, if needed.

Our resources are located all over the world and represent a diverse skill set which is costly to support under a traditional business structure. Avoiding the pitfalls of having a huge staff also allows us to be more flexible with the projects we take on and how those projects are executed.

Source control is at the center of everything we do, to avoid the calamities of lost data and collaborative nightmares. Working remote from our clients and from each other is calibrated for through use of various web services. As such, location has never been an issue.

We realize our projects with a various set of tools and services such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, InDesign, Komodo IDE, CodeKit, Heroku, Bitbucket, Source Tree, Flowdock, Skype, Liquid Planner, Django, PHP, Python, Wordpress, Pods, Unity, Flash, Edge Animate, After Effects, LessHat, Foundation, PhoneGap, ScreenHero, Wrike...and so on.

Brand Experience

Elijah Shepardspotlight on our Founder, Creative Director
I am a concept engineer, an abstract thinker, a composer, singer, musician, developer, designer, and a Gemini. In short, I like coming up with ideas. I make a living manipulating pixels and bytes, in a constant state of amusement. I am also found in a state of California!